Maika is a singer/songwriter from Tokyo Japan. She began singing, dancing, and playing the piano at the age of three. Her early life was spent traveling the world and living in Japan, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania. From her experiences, she developed a special connection with nature and an aspiration to support people whenever she could. 

While traveling, she learned that the magic of life is in our daily experiences and finding the joy that surrounds us. This became her primary message. It inspired a dream to live enthusiastically in every moment and respect all cultures and lives. She realized this dream by building a schoolhouse in Cambodia and volunteering whenever she could. To share her message to a wider audience Maika worked as a model, actress, teacher, master of ceremonies, and a reporter for NHK in Japan. 

While working, Maika felt that her message could be more effectively spread through the music she was attracted to all of her life. From childhood, it was natural for Maika to emote her feelings using poetry and melody. She began songwriting at the age of eight and has now composed over 60 original works. Her shows encompass her message of living enthusiastically and hope to inspire the audience to live their dream, have deeper connections, and find the real happiness hiding in their daily lives.

In 2016, Maika moved to New York City to follow her dream of performing as a singer/songwriter and spreading her message of happiness. She now works out of Tokyo and Manhattan and enjoys a busy singing career all around the world. 

A Note From Maika

This is my logo. I drew it myself in 2012 using simple yellow, pink, and orange crayons. It has a very special meaning to me. The flower on the inside represents myself. The warm light being emitted from the flower represents my melody and my message making the air around me brighter. The heart/leaves on the bottom represent the people who have supported me throughout my life. I hope my logo can represent feelings of warmness and love and make you feel the same way it makes me feel.


This song perfectly represents my message I want to spread. I hope you enjoy the lyrics!

Woken up by mornings bright rays, dazzling sunshine
under the blue sky, a new day begins.
I feel down of the routine days
my heart sinks for a moment
and then I realize...

If you take another look at this world
you'll see all around you is
love and tenderness.
All your worries, all your troubles will lift up, It will change, you'll see, and make your heart raise up,

Charming booming flowers from the blacktop road,
To the playful floating clouds with friend of  winds
With the bright sun always shine on us with lovely smile
Grandparents take a walk , hand in hand...

We all live in this world,
Circle of life supports us all
Let's find all the treasure pieces
playing hide and seek,
sharing this twinkle moment with you

Laying my heart to a lovely sunset,
take the moonlight on my winding way home.
Look upon a  shining star gives me the braveness
the darkness to find my way. . . .

Thankful to my family welcoming home,
thankful for every meal we share each other,
thankful to all my friends sharing all the precious moments ,

Thankful for lovely dog to heal my heart with hug. . .


All smiles of this moment,
My precious home to stay,
So many love
hiding in the daily lives we have
Let's find them and share with the world. . .

Your happiness,
Please tell me what it is
It's hiding all around you
Let's search and collect them all, the treasure of us
Share with others let the world shines.

My happiness,
Can be seen in this smile
My happiness,
All comes from my deep heart,

Sharing messages, my voice of heart
With my melodies
To Sing my song to you ...

We all live in this world,
Circle of life supports us all
Let's find all the treasure pieces
playing hide and seek,
sharing this twinkle moment with you

Let's make our world a brighter place,
I wish you happiness . . . .  


Lyrics/Melody composed by Maika © 2017

Copyright 2017 by MaikaMusic